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The "Search text" is used to search in titles, descriptions and key words for all available languages. The search supports logical operators (AND, OR, NOT, parenthesis), wildcards (? and *, but not in the begining of a word) and " " for exact phrase matching. Proximity searches are also supported with ~ at the end of a phrase (e.g. "quality ceramic"~10). Without the use of supported wildcards (?, *) search terms are being matched exactly as typed. If no logical operator is used (OR, AND, NOT) the logical 'OR' is assumed.
Detailed search rules
You may enter one or more search terms (words) (e.g. quality) that will be used in the search process exactly as typed. Words can be combined with logical operators (e.g. quality AND software), while logical 'OR' is always assumed between terms - for example the search text 'tapestr* carpet*' is identical to 'tapestr* OR carpet*'. You may use " " for the exact match of phrases, e.g. "quality in software".
Supported logical operators
AND or &&: logical 'and' operator, i.e. search for both terms
OR or ||: logical 'or', i.e. search for either term
NOT: logical 'not', exclude occurances of the term on the right side of the operator
( ): use of parenthesis for complex logical exprassions is supported, e.g. (term1 OR term2) AND ΝΟΤ (term3 OR (term4 AND term5)) - "term" is a single word (with/without wildcards) or an "exact phrase"
+: the result must contain the term on the right side of the operator
-: the result must not contain the term on the right side of the operator
" ": exact match of the phrase between the " marks; Supported wildcards
?: any single character, e.g. bi?s matches 'bias' and 'bits' but not 'binoculars'
*: any number of any characters, e.g. sec*y matches any word starting with 'sec' and ending with a 'y', like 'secondly', 'security', etc
Wildcards ? and * cannot be used in the beginning of a search word
Proximity searches
~: proximity in number of words, e.g. "quality software"~10 matches results where the distance between the two words is less or equal to 10 words
Result sorting
Results are sorted in order of relevance to the search query text.